“Unprofessional” Hairstyles VS. Professional” #Algtivism

Side by side comparison of search engine results for professional hairstyles vs. unprofessional hairstyles
Search engine results for “professional hairstyles for women” on the left and “unprofessional hairstyles for women” on the right

black students/workers are humiliated, shamed and/or even banned from school/work because of bias against NATURAL black hair.

Here are some articles from The Guardian, BBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Politic and many more if you just search for it.

Side by side example of Bias in hairstyles, left side — a white woman, right side — a black woman with the same hairstyle.
Side by side example of Bias in search results

algorithm and activism = #Algtivism

Preview of the algtivism website
Screenshot of the GitHub repository of #algtivism
Entry shot of the explanation of #algtivism video



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Web Developer @eBay who is unapologetically breaking stereotypes and boundaries in tech while advocating for women and juniors