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Web Developer @eBay who is unapologetically breaking stereotypes and boundaries in tech while advocating for women and juniors

You started learning web development and have been seeing a lot of tutorials about how to build something with React, Vue, Angular and others, but have struggled with the basics or coming up with ideas of “what do I build?” when starting out and trying to grasp the basic hang of coding and API calls… — well, I have 3 Public API projects ready to get you to start coding now!

To make things even easier, I have a step-by-step instruction, a “useful links” and “hints” section for every project as well as a code along video so you can…

Project’s end result


Hey there, I’m Daniela and I recently created a project called The Ultimate API Challenge, one where I want to “break the ice” between us and APIs, show you how you can work with different tech stack, documentation, APIs, and create fun, cool, interesting api projects which you can add to your web development portfolio.

I won’t go into too much detail, if you’re interested to read more about it — check out the about page or the intro video below 🔽

Why This Article

For every challenge there will be a code along video, but I also asked on Instagram if…

Neumorphism (also called Soft UI) started getting traction around end of 2019/beginning of 2020 (so just a bit before the world ended).

By this time we have been working on and off for about 2–3 months on our web app (, we started implementing the logic, figured out the architecture, or at least we thought we did (you can read the “struggles” section in this article), and the project was approaching a point where we wanted to see some tasty visuals.

It was New Year’s Eve and the few days off that follow after it when we were having intensive…

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

Dark mode is something that many of us enjoy but not many have had the chance to implement so far. As I’ve seen my fair share of stubborn setups, I want to share with you some key points you should consider before starting or take into consideration if you’re already using it.

I’ll be using the implementation of dark mode/light mode from our Learn By Ear app as an example, which you can check the live version of here.

The Deep Dive

Let’s dive into it.

Our web app just has to have a dark mode, as we want to give the users…

Have you ever tried searching online what to wear for an interview in order to look “professional”? You found something that fits you, maybe even a handful of options, which are fairly easy to implement and to get that interview attire nailed! Most likely, right? Well, if you answered yes, then you’re probably White.

Side by side comparison of search engine results for professional hairstyles vs. unprofessional hairstyles
Side by side comparison of search engine results for professional hairstyles vs. unprofessional hairstyles
Search engine results for “professional hairstyles for women” on the left and “unprofessional hairstyles for women” on the right

Let’s roll back a bit, what are we talking about here? As a White female I had no idea about this, but getting more and more involved in the social issues occurring around the globe, I became aware of one of them:

black students/workers are humiliated…

I love questions, I love being curious and I think you should too.

Here is the thing, you were born curious, we all were. But something happened throughout our life, specifically — while becoming adults, that made us lose our curiosity or let’s say — to dull it, to hide it deep in the lowest drawer.


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